An Easter Egg: Faith, Love and Peace

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On Easter Sunday the children will be hunting for chocolate eggs in the garden, and I was looking for a special Easter blog post before the school holidays (a spiritual one of course –
in the West we need it to balance out all that chocolate we are about to consume!).

Fortunately, as ‘words from the heart’, Guruji’s words frequently lend themselves to poetry:


‘What is faith?’
Faith is not the same as belief. Faith is Love.
Faith is not half. Faith is full.
Faith simply is. There is no doubt in it.
‘How is it possible to develop faith?’
You will develop Faith when you develop Love
You will believe when you trust in Love
You will grow your faith ONLY when you grow your Love
through practice.

Since sharing the song “Prayer” on the blog a few weeks ago, it occurred to me that this might be a good time to give Guruji’s explanation of “OM SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI”, that we always chant at the end of each yoga class.

Firstly, Guruji says that ‘OM’ is the cosmic vibration that can be heard in deep meditation; the actual name of ‘GOD’ which can be understood even as an acronym as follows: ‘G’ for Generator; ‘O’ for Operator; ‘D’ for Destroyer (of this world). Everything that is born will decay one day.

Secondly, ‘SHANTI’ means ‘peace’; but he says we are looking for peace and wanting to avoid trouble, pain and fear. ‘Shanti’ is chanted three times – firstly, for the physical pain, sickness and disease of the body; secondly for the pain we have to face in the external world, such as accidents; and thirdly for the fear and trouble which comes when we have to face elements such as extreme temperature, earthquake and fire.

“We never want this kind of pain or suffering, so this is why we are praying inside to get relief from these things. But when we do regular practice, definitely you will get peace. There will be no more pain; this is the end of suffering. It is why we are doing meditation.”

On that beautiful note, wishing you Faith, Love and Peace at Easter!