Be my candle in the night
Be the wings, give me flight

For I would sail upon a breeze
Far above the seas

I can’t cross the ocean
Can’t cross the ocean
Can’t cross the ocean
Without your grace

Calm the winds and the waves
Steer my boat to one who saves

I know I have to understand
My life is in Your hand


Be my compass in the day
Guide me home, show the way

I would give it all to you
I can’t make it without you


“Grace” seems to be the most appropriate song to put up on the blog this time around, because it just appeared as my first ever YouTube last week! Not to mention the fact that I plan to base my next blog posts around the theme of “Faith, Peace and Love.” Please keep sharing the link to the YouTube if you can, it’s at

Just to let you know – I’ve just added a new track from India Dreaming to my Facebook bandpage called “Little Fish” – if you have my book Footsteps to Freedom, you can find the lyrics to this song on page271. Do check it out and have a listen at

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