Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (1)

Question: I have been initiated into a different Kriya technique, and I have always practised it with dedication. Now I understand that I was not given the original technique. I have been told by a fellow Kriyaban that it is all variations on the same theme, but I do not feel satisfied with the answer. Can Guruji correct my technique?

Guruji Garden

Answer: First of all it is important to know that whenever the original Kriya technique is given, it is given in full. It is complete. This practice cannot be given in a patchwork – for example, if someone will say, I learned Pranayama from this guru, and Maha Mudra from the internet, and now I want you to give me Khechari, this is not possible. If you are applying for original Kriya Yoga now, then you have to think, “This is my path from now on”. You will have to make a fresh commitment and be ready to completely let go of whatever practice you were given before.

“I have been waiting for you” (part one)
I first took Kriya at (a Kriya organisation) in the United States in 1973 and stayed with them for about twelve years, which was followed by a number of years with (a different Kriya organisation). Throughout my thirty-two years with (these organisations) I felt somewhat dissatisfied. I saw much foolishness in both organisations. I saw politics and poor decisions that caused much suffering to the devotees. I saw (one of these Kriya organisations) distort (my previous Kriya master’s) teachings with so-called ‘editing’ of his works despite the intent to keep his teachings pure. And (the other Kriya organisation) also had a number of problems as do all organisations.

I practised sincerely the method that I had been given and never felt any criticism or dissatisfaction with it. Although I had some intermittently good results, I certainly did not come even close to the depth that I longed for and did not feel that I was making much progress. Instead I felt that I was not really fit to practise Kriya. But I must say here that I think it is very, very difficult to judge one’s own spiritual progress. It is so subtle that I think it takes a Master to really be able to make this assessment.

Though I studied (my previous Kriya master’s) teachings very deeply for decades, to my amazement today, I really did not understand that he had changed anything. Or if I did understand that, I was not really willing to look carefully at it until just a few years ago. Besides, it didn’t make any difference anyway since that was the only Kriya I had been given and I did not know anyone to contact or what to do to find the original technique.

I even stopped practising Kriya for a number of years but continued meditating using other, simpler techniques because I felt ‘burdened’ by Kriya. I knew for certain that (my previous Kriya master) would not want me to feel Kriya as a burden but only as a great blessing. I even studied with an Indian Swami who lived in the U.S. for a year or so. He had a very simple, integrated approach to yoga which greatly helped my understanding and appreciation of yoga sadhana. The real problem was that I had almost no individual guidance. And I did not see, nor had access to, anyone who was qualified to give me the help that I so badly needed.

(to be continued…) Name withheld