Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (11)

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Question: How do I decide who is my master?

Answer: Leave it up to Bare Baba (Lahiri Mahasaya) because this is not in your hand. These doubts and this line of thinking is because of unstable mind – and it plays tricks. If I have given a person Kriya Yoga initiation, their duty besides practice is to believe, to have faith and to surrender. That is all. When a person’s time comes for Kriya Yoga, they will automatically reach the right place.

Those people who have a fixed idea in mind about the kind of guru they want, will get that. For example, if it is a famous guru that you are looking for, or you want to be a part of an association or organisation, your mind will stop and feel contented when you find what you were looking for. You receive according to mind and sanskara. It is not as if there can only be one Guru for everybody.

It is also possible for someone despite mind and sanskara to actually find a better place and have the chance to settle there – yet the mind will pull away from that place because it does not fit in with what has been previously learned, and is not within the frame that the mind has created for itself. The mind then creates doubts and wants to reject what is the best thing, saying that it did not choose this for itself.

Again, in this case, if it is a person’s karma, they can break out of the picture frame which their mind created and accept a different master.

What we have to realise is that we have a limited amount of years in our lifetime, and that there are only twenty-four hours in a day. We have to go to work and have our worldly responsibilities, and also do our spiritual practice. In order to manage both sides, we have to learn to use our time wisely. If we spend all our time in doubt trying to decide what is right and what is wrong, or we try to ‘mix and match’ Kriya practices given by different gurus, there will be no positive or productive result. So we should not make any compromises regarding practice. One Guru and one practice will be best, so that we can practise with single-minded devotion.

Sincerity, Humility, Love
I was a member (of a Kriya organisation) for twelve years, but I was not very happy with this path because of the way it was structured with a hierarchy and management, etc. And I felt that there was too much focus on money.

I never had any remarkable results even after many years of practice, so eventually I stopped practising as I did not really feel that I was making any progress.

I heard about Guruji through the book Footsteps to Freedom. I decided to seek him out because of his direct connection to Lahiri Mahasaya via Satya Charan Lahiri and also the fact that I had met Guruji ten years before and had felt much sincerity, humility and love in his presence.

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