Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (12)

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Question: What is the difference between your Kriya and that of other Kriya organisations?

Answer: Certain Kriya yoga organisations are not paying respect to Bare Baba (Lahiri Mahasaya) properly. And for original Kriya Yoga, there must be a living Guru. This is a principle. There is no compromise regarding this fact. My work is not yet done. I am still alive and I am talking and teaching.

The practice of the Kriya organisations is completely different. It is incomplete and has been modified. There are only four steps of Kriya instead of six (and even more than this). There is no timing and no Khechari. We have discussed important aspects of original Kriya Yoga in Footsteps to Freedom (Chapter Five).

Tasting the Stillness at the Bottom of the Ocean
Having done some basic form of yoga all my life, I first became curious about Kriya Yoga after reading (a book on Kriya Yoga). Six years later, when I was going through some intense turmoil, I became a member of (a Kriya organisation) when a branch opened near to where I lived. I had always felt that this path would come to me when the time was right.

As a classical Indian dancer I was a little biased towards Westerners learning Indian forms of art, but when I joined (the Kriya organisation) I had resolved to throw away all bias and learn to surrender. But trying to do so turned into a struggle when my mind started to question the organisations teaching methods and its practitioners. I felt jolted when on several occasions at the (Kriya organisation) meetings the head of the organisation uttered venomous words about what a rival Kriya organisation had done to him. I did not like the intensely controlling atmosphere which surrounded me there, which also radiated strongly from the inmates of the ashram, and became unsettled by many issues. The focus was on events and book sales and money donation schemes to support the organisation – everything seemed to revolve around money. Furthermore, I did not make any progress on my spiritual path, particularly because the Kriya practice I was given made me feel that I was just part of a herd of cattle. There was no individual attention and questions were not encouraged.

I had been with the organisation for about five months when I read Footsteps to Freedom. Many things made sense, and I knew instantly that I had finally found the true form of Kriya and an anchor. Now I understood why I had not been able to conform to the Kriya organisation. I did not feel disloyal when I left it because I had in vain tried to find my Guru through an organisation.

(to be continued…) M. Singh