Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (13)

Guruji Garden

Question: How do I know if someone is my Guru?

Answer: Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you feel that this Guru will fulfil your spiritual desires and needs?
2) Do you feel that the Guru can open that chain which binds you?
3) Can the Guru give you Moksha (salvation)?

If you have truly accepted a Guru, he is the Lord of Lords for you. You have to develop much confidence that he can give you Moksha (salvation) in the future, because this will give you good faith and a strong belief in him.

Tasting the Stillness at the Bottom of the Ocean
I was struck by Guruji’s care and concern for me as an individual. I observed that all his disciples were treated as individuals and the amount of time he gave each one was incredible. I will always remember Guruji’s words: “Do not keep me on a pedestal, because you will always be one step below me. Do not try to form a relationship with me either because then you will always be reverent and keep me one step away again. Do not be in awe of me because again you will be one step below. You have to reach the stage of complete equality where there is no difference between you and me. So there may be no need for reverence, of respect of awe. We both will be not two but one – there is a stage where there will be no Guru and no student.”

I used to think that my life was very tough – more so than others. Once Guruji said to me simply, but with great empathy, “you have been through much sadness in your life, that’s all.” And with that, he took away a coat of armour with which I had surrounded myself. I am very blessed that I can now look at myself and see that I am strong and need nothing else, and that I am in the right place. Practising Kriya is liberating. As a dancer I feel that I have tuned into the deepest being of my art and that I have tasted the stillness at the bottom of the ocean. I am at peace and the rush to do something thrilling and spectacular is gone. I have faith that things will fall into place at their own pace. The fibre of my being has changed for the better.

M. Singh