Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (14)

Lotus Flower

Question: I have always been a disciple of a Kriya master who is no longer in his body, but I still feel that my loyalty lies with him. Can I have another Guru? Am I being disloyal to my Kriya master in practising Kriya under the guidance of a new-found mentor?

Answer: If you are brave enough to understand why the changes in your mind are happening, then you can follow that and start on this path with full confidence. However, if you do not have the courage to break out of the picture frame that your mind has created, it is better to stay where you are and with what you have been taught. In this case you should not apply for initiation. You are locked in your concept and sanskara, and your mind does not want to accept the original Kriya Yoga path.

However, there is no need to be in such a hurry, because it can take many lifetimes to accept truth and to start on a true path. If you do not believe in me, if you do not have confidence in me, how will you be able to follow Lahiri Mahasaya’s path? His path is different, and his practice is different from the practice you have learned.

There is no Judgement (Part One)
I live in the U.S. and was a follower of (a certain Kriya master) and practised his Kriya Yoga for about five years. I did not have any doubts about this path and the Kriya practice I was given was good. However, I felt some dissatisfaction about the organisation and its ‘politics’, and also that the emphasis was not so much on the practice of Kriya Yoga but on service to the organisation. Besides, there was no one who was guiding and working with me personally. I don’t know whether I was making any progress but was satisfied.

I have a friend who told me about Guruji and who had been initiated by him, which prompted me to read Heidi Wyder’s book Footsteps to Freedom. This made me feel that I was being led to Guruji as the next step on my spiritual path. When I first met Guruji, I did not know whether he would initiate me and was very distraught and cried and cried. I wanted so much to receive the original Kriya Yoga, and when I was told that I would receive it I was so happy and relieved. But I also knew that my work was now just beginning.

I did not feel comfortable telling people from the organisation about Guruji as I did not want to be judged. But did not feel disloyal about asking for initiation from Guruji, because it felt right in my heart to learn the original Kriya Yoga. Also, I do not think that (my previous Kriya master) would have disproved of me taking initiation with Guruji, but quite the contrary. It is not about organisation, but about growing spiritually.

(to be continued) Name withheld