Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (15)


Question: According to some Kriya teachers / organisations, the Bhakti (devotion) path is enough for Self-Realisation. Are you saying that this is not true?

Answer: Actually, there are three stages in yoga: Karma, Jnana and Bhakti yoga. This is clearly spoken of in the Bhagvad Gita. The answer to this question can be found in the ancient Indian Scriptures.

Kriya Yoga – original Kriya Yoga – is based on these three stages and one comes after another. First you do Karma Yoga (Kriya Yoga sadhana) and then you get knowledge or wisdom (Jnana) and finally, Bhakti comes in the third and final phase. It is also known as Para-Bhakti.

If you think that Bhakti must come first, this will only be for external “show-off”. This kind of Bhakti can disappear at any time because it has not been preceded by the other stages, and it is known as worldly devotion.

The ordinary person says, “Oh Lord you are everywhere”, but only when he is practising and becoming self-realised, then the state comes of “I am that I am”, which is a realisation. This is the knowledge that “I am everywhere, in the animate and inanimate. If anything is happening, this is because of Me.

Self-realisation is actual Bhakti. That is Prem (unconditional Love). Without experience, you cannot reach the place. But one day, you will definitely reach it.

There is no judgement
I feel my relationship with Guruji is very personal and private. The benefit is to have a Guru (teacher) who can guide and instruct you on each step of the Kriya Yoga path and answer any questions or problems that may arise and also take you to the next level when you are ready. It is a personal one-to-one relationship. I feel so blessed and grateful to have his personal attention and guidance in this practice of Kriya Yoga.

If someone else feels they would like to move over to Guruji and be initiated into the original technique but has doubts, go within and see what is best for you. Is this the next step on your spiritual path? What is your intention? Do not take initiation out of curiosity about what the original Kriya Yoga is. It is very important to have as much clarity as possible about taking initiation with Guruji, as the more clarity you have the less fear and doubts you will experience later.

I also think it is important not to make comparisons between the Kriya Yoga you first received and what you have received from Guruji. It is not about which one is better. As human beings we have a tendency to do this. I think all the different lineages of Kriya Yoga have their place and purpose and many, many people have benefited from what they have received.

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