Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (16)

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Question: I feel confused, upset, and disappointed. I have been practising a changed method of Kriya for so long, and now many things I was taught by (a Kriya yoga association) have been thrown into doubt. Why was Kriya Yoga changed? And why are certain organisations so powerful? In short, how could God let such a thing happen to Kriya?

Answer: Don’t be confused. This is a wrong idea, because first of all, it is not God who is responsible. This is made by human beings. I cannot answer why Kriya was changed. Perhaps they were thinking that people in the West could not understand and that the right time would come later. The result is that Kriya is now spread all over the world, and many people are searching for original Kriya. But it was simplified and is still being taught in this manner that to most seekers.

Nothing is amazing in this world. Kabir Das, the great poet, said in his poetry that when Kamal (his son) was born, his family was immersed into darkness. Even if there is an oil lamp, darkness will also be there. Every lamp is surrounded by darkness.

My Guruji (Sri Satya Charan Lahiri) also used to say that sometimes family members can immerse themselves into evil or wrong-doing – and that sometimes one’s own brother can become a greater enemy and more dangerous than a neighbour. In this context he would talk about how in the Bhagavad Gita Duryodan was the biggest enemy of Pandavas. But Lord Krishna was the charioteer holding the reins, and Arjuna let himself be taken according to Lord Krishna’s wishes. Hence the battle was won.

Kriya Yoga has been very much misused: some individuals are claiming authority as teachers, but they have never practised in their lives. They are interested in worldly things; some people went against their Guru’s will, leaving the root of the practice, and making something of their own choosing. There are so many organisations all carrying the same trademark, but each with many differences, and they are arguing and criticising each other and fighting over who is superior.

Other people who are teaching Kriya have one leg in the graveyard but in spite of that, the greediness in their lives never finishes. They want more money and more popularity, and to be known as great Kriya masters in this world. (Guruji’s reply to be continued…)

I see him every morning and evening
When I first met Guruji I thought of him as an ordinary yoga teacher and I took daily Hatha yoga classes with him in Varanasi. During class we did not speak much but he taught me advanced pranayama and chakra meditation (it was Kriya preparatory practice). At that point I did not know what a real Guru was – I must admit I was quite naive. I had heard of Kriya as simply a technique and was interested in it. When I heard that (another teacher) was giving an initiation I was curious and went to see him. When I told him that I had been having Hatha lessons with Guruji, he was angry and critical, and when I left he said, referring to me, “Clearly this person is not ready yet for this path.” So I left and felt confused that high Kriya masters could have some dispute about the method and the lineage.

That night, I woke up and all along my spine I sensed all my chakras. It was the strangest feeling because I felt so quiet. This state of mind made me realise the true meaning of yoga. It was such great silence in my mind and body. That silent feeling was so deep… it taught me that yoga was not about having a flexible body; not about control of the mind, nor about mind power. It was less (and yet more) than everything I had ever thought yoga would be. It was a shift of perspective that so much confused me. Actually I was scared out of my wits. So the next morning I went to Guruji’s class but when Guruji came down the stairs I said to him, “I’m sorry, I cannot explain, but I need to stop doing yoga for the moment,” and walked out again.

(to be continued…) G. Langenberg