Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (18)

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Question 1: I found the full technique of Kriya Yoga on the internet and am practising it. Is there any harm in not having a teacher – if so, what is the harm and why should I not practise it alone?

Answer 1: It is very nice, there is no harm. The initiation in ancient time was given by Guru to disciple, and a personal relationship was established between them. Nowadays, it seems it is through the internet and the internet is becoming Guru.

You have to decide. If you are so great that you can’t surrender to anyone, then the ego is big. But if you have chosen your path and are satisfied, it is very nice. Carry on.

Question 2: I have been initiated in Kriya but I was told that I just have to practise. There is no teacher to guide me. Is this OK?

Answer 2: As I have already explained, there is no doubt that you will choose a path according to your liking. Carry on. Only you can choose the path that you want to go.

Follow your heart
I wanted to receive the original Kriya Yoga because I couldn’t (and still can’t) see how any modified version could be of any help in my quest for God-realization.

Before the initiation there were a few instances in which I felt I would be betraying (my previous Kriya master) by receiving initiation from another Master. However, as I later discovered, these feelings were not coming from my heart or soul but rather originated from my fear-based ego. However, I felt a very deep connection with Guruji before and after the initiation.

If I were to pass on some advice to others who are in the process of applying for initiation from Guruji, and who are coming from other organisations or teachers, I would share what a Guru-brother once said to me: “If a person is supposed to become a disciple of Guruji, then there is nothing that will keep them from that destiny. On the other hand if they are not supposed to become his disciple then there is nothing that can make it happen.” I truly believe this.

So in the end follow your heart and the right thing will happen.

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