Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (19)

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Question: I have known for a long time that the Kriya I am practising is a modified technique. But I still believe that the yogi who changed it is a Sadguru. I do not believe that it is my right to question what a Sadguru has given.

Answer: What you have learned is actually acquired information which you gathered from people talking, or from reading various books on Kriya. That is how you know about the person who you consider to be your Sadguru. But have you met him in person?

When you are thinking in this way, it is as if your mind is stuck in a picture frame. Through the teachings of the organisation, or books, or other people, you have created a frame in your mind, so your vision is narrow and confined to what you have been taught to believe. It is second-hand knowledge, and not based on truth.

If you have been initiated by an organisation of Kriya Yoga, it will become obvious to you at some point that Kriya Yoga has been modified. But now your interest has been aroused to learn the original technique and therefore you have come to this place. You are the only person who can break the glass on the frame and step out, so to speak, and open your mind.

I can tell you that according to Indian tradition, where Kriya Yoga comes from, we always give regard and respect to the senior person. For us in this path and this lineage, we recognise that Bare Baba (Lahiri Mahasaya) is the source – Babaji waited for him only, for forty years. He is Sadguru.

In certain Kriya organisations it is not possible to go further than the fourth step of Kriya. However, there are six stages and more in Lahiri Mahasaya’s Kriya Yoga. I can tell you that it is only possible to distinguish between what is imagination, or a play of the mind, and what is truth in the fifth and sixth stages of Kriya. This fact can be tested and proved only through personal experience.

If you sincerely want to walk this path, you should understand that Sadguru is Lahiri Mahasaya. He is the source: he was the Mahayogi who was chosen to return Kriya Yoga to this world and to householders.

Love, Pure Love
I was a follower of (my previous Kriya master) for three years. I did not know anything about yoga, meditation, gurus etc when I first encountered the (Kriya) organisation.

To begin with I really liked what I was taught: that it was important to practise twice daily without fail, which made me more disciplined and a closer relationship with God.

But after two years some doubts arose in my mind, for example, how could I really feel that he (my previous Kriya master) was my Guru, without ever having met him in his physical body? And if I had any questions, how could I be sure to get a true answer from him in my mind? At one time I visited an ashram with a Guru in residence and asked questions, and was told that it was not possible to follow a Guru without having met him in his physical body. However, after some months I returned to (the Kriya organisation).

In the beginning of 2004 I decided to go to visit India for the first time and at the same time a friend of mine, no doubt through the grace of God, introduced me to Heidi Wyder’s book. After reading it I decided to go and find Guruji in Varanasi, but days passed in India and I started to be afraid to meet Him, because I was sure that my life could be change. When I met Him it was amazing, and still today I remember His “magnetic” smile, that made me fallen in love of Him. He said “only a Guru can recognize a Guru.” He initiated me soon afterwards. Guruji’s technique is very exact, like a science, and very different from the first Kriya I received in the organization.

(to be continued)     F. Pascale