Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (2)

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Question: I have heard that the many different kinds of Kriya are all variations on the same theme. Is this true?

Answer: When the first books on Kriya Yoga reached the bookshops in the West, people had never heard about Kriya. They had never practised it before. So they learned a technique that they were given and practised that, believing it to be original Kriya Yoga as given by Lahiri Mahasaya. Today it is not very different to how it was in the early Twentieth Century. But nowadays more people have heard of Kriya Yoga, and they are ready to listen, but they are still getting and believing in an incomplete practice. Even more so perhaps, because through publicity, people hear about different Kriyas, and become restless and plagued by doubts.

There is only one Kriya Yoga. If you have the courage, you can apply for initiation and practise that. Otherwise you will stay far from Kriya Yoga.

“I have been waiting for you” (part two)
I always felt that Kriya was a very advanced, very powerful, and very subtle technique that was probably beyond my capacity despite my best efforts. Had I really understood from the start that I was receiving a modified version of the original technique and if I’d had the opportunity to learn the original technique, I believe I would have chosen the original technique. I’m a great believer in what the Masters of old have given. I prefer to follow the “tried and true” classic approach to things.

Having said all of this, I also still believe that there is nothing wrong with (my previous Kriya master’s) teachings. He could not have given the technique out to the masses and still teach the original technique of Kriya. It was not possible. The ultimate test in my opinion is to look at the ‘fruits of the tree.’ Has a particular saint produced other saints? In the case of (one particular Kriya master), he has definitely produced a number of high saints and a lot of very worthy disciples. Why this has all happened in this way is beyond my capacity to understand.

After reading Footsteps to Freedom I knew that it was time for me to leave the organisation even though I had tried not to look at this inner knowledge. I had reached the point of desperation to find God. I wanted to know what it was really going to take for me to find God. I no longer cared how my actions might appear to others or whether I was being ‘politically correct.’ By the time that I met Guruji, due to certain experiences, I already did not feel that (my previous Kriya yoga master) was my guru though I revered him greatly and still do. And so I felt that if I were sincere in my quest to find God that it was acceptable to do what I felt necessary and not disloyal, because I knew that I was loyal to God who manifests as all these Gurus anyway. After all, maybe (my previous Kriya master) was guiding me in this way! I learned from his teachings not to be afraid of asking questions.

(to be continued…) Name withheld