Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (20)

Guruji Garden

Question:I have heard that there is a self-realised Kriya master who will return to earth in several decades. Is this true?

Answer: In the same way many people were claiming that they met Babaji after he had left his body. The people who are spreading these kind of stories are creating maya. There is a principle in Kriya Yoga that a master or saint who is enlightened and takes mahasamadhi will not come back to this earth. There is a system in this cosmos. Every master or saint has a purpose, and when it has been fulfilled they will go.

Love, Pure Love
To have received initiation from a real Master into the authentic Kriya Yoga has been a big blessing for me. However, because Kriya practice is very demanding and not an easy path, I needed a lot of patience with myself in the beginning, without any expectation, which is what Guruji taught me. But following this path means that I always feel protected, guided and content, and I understand more and more clearly that this is the only way you can really help yourself. Now I feel the benefits of Kriya Yoga practice. I am calmer, happier and can concentrate properly on every aspect of my life including work and relationships. I appreciate the simple things in life. Guruji is my real father for me, and he is always present. Every time he has the right answers for me and the right advice. When he talks to you, his words are full of meaning, but in order to understand you have to have an open mind without any preconceived ideas. I find it best to surrender to his wisdom and to follow his advice, to work hard and to be patient and humble.

I think the biggest lesson Guruji has taught to me has been through his example: how he lives simply as a householder, and his compassion. Whenever I observed Guruji meeting new people, I saw how they immediately felt attracted to him by his smile, his simplicity, and they felt his love, like towards an old friend or relative. Every day my understanding grows of the meaning of Guru and what a true Guru-disciple relationship means: Love – Pure Love.

    F. Pascale