Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (3)

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Question: How can I know if I am ready to receive original Kriya Yoga?

Answer: Whether we think we are ready or not, whether we plan it or not and whether we like it or not: when our time comes, we receive Kriya. Lahiri Mahasaya was forty years old when he got Kriya from Babaji – and when he met his Guru, he was ready to accept him. Babaji told him that he had been watching over him like a shadow, but now the time had come for his initiation and he had been called to Ranikhet for a short period.

Sometimes people have a big fear. They ask themselves, “Can I do it?

Will I be capable and loyal? Can I keep it up?” But slowly, day by day, we can understand that the fear we had at the beginning was only a lack of knowledge; a darkness.

Sometimes people think, “Will I have to change everything?” But there is no need to worry like that. We are householders. We are all working in different professions but somehow we know that we are looking for peace and harmony. On one level we are satisfied, but then again we feel we are lacking something. Therefore Kriya Yoga is important for us.

“I have been waiting for you” (part three)
One must listen carefully to Guruji because he says things very quietly which one can easily miss. And so it was that one of the first things that he said to my wife and me when we met him was that he had been “waiting for us.” This impressed me greatly because I was not really consciously trying to find a Guru. I was pretty comfortable with what had been given to me and was doing my level best to be sincere and conscientious in my sadhana. Why was he waiting for me? I felt that I had been building to this moment all of my life. I took initiation from Guruji in 2005.

There are a number of things that I cannot say about all of this because they are too personal in nature. But I can say that, for the first time in my life, I understand what it is to be truly loved. I feel so grateful that Guruji accepted me as a disciple even though I feel so unworthy of such acceptance. And to have personal guidance on the spiritual path is absolutely priceless. I still have no idea if I’m making any progress: it is more important that I sincerely do my best to practise and leave the results to God! I have read many, many books and have delved deeply into the scriptures of India, but all of this study pales in comparison when sitting before someone who has your deepest welfare in mind and who can give the actual personal guidance that you need to move forward. There is no greater blessing than this in all the three worlds!

If you are pondering whether to take the step and meet Guruji, I would say: trust your heart! Relax and trust your Divine Mother! We think that we are making all of these decisions but does a child know how to take care of its needs? It takes a long time for a child to be able to take care of itself! Even so, we are more dependent than we realise upon Divine Mother to lead us along the correct path. You need only be sincere with Her and she will take you where you need to go. Even if you are not sincere, She still loves you and will take care of you. So you cannot fail! You came from Her and to Her you shall return again. Nothing can change that.

(to be continued…) Name withheld