Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (4)

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Question: What was your Guruji, Sri Satya Charan Lahiri’s opinion of Kriya organisations?

Answer: I am in possession of one letter written by my Guruj’s father, Chote Thakur (Tinkari Lahiri), to his disciple Mahesh Bhat. In this letter, he tells his disciple to always separate himself from a group of ten disciples who had started going against the principles of Lahiri Mahasaya. These people were becoming renunciants, even though their Guru had forbidden them to go in this direction. They were doing practice in the wrong way. They were publicising Kriya Yoga for the wrong reasons and in the wrong way – in other words, making hyperbole and exaggeration in order to create publicity and start organisations also. My Guruji, Satya Charan Lahiriji told his disciples that certain popular books on Kriya yoga were greatly sensationalised. Like his father and grandfather before him, he did not like what was happening to Kriya in the West, and never wanted any kind of Kriya organisation, for he lived by the principles of his grandfather, Lahiri Mahasaya. He said that through organisations, original Kriya Yoga could become lost again.

“The Real Deal”
I was associated with (a Kriya organisation) for seven years, and I practised their energising exercises, Hong-sau and Om techniques. However I never took Kriya from them. Although (my previous Kriya master) and (the Kriya organisation) laid the foundations and brought me the knowledge I was looking for, I felt in my heart that learning Kriya Yoga through correspondence and without a living, personal Guru was not for me. I felt alone in what I was practising, and when I faced certain difficulties because of the exercises, I had no one to talk to.

Then I heard about Guruji through Heidi Wyder’s book Footsteps to Freedom and wanted to meet him. I never felt disloyal to the (Kriya organisation) in this, because I know (my previous Kriya master) would not have settled for Kriya through correspondence. Besides, (the Kriya organisation) does not offer a personal relationship with a living Guru. Their teachings are given through written correspondence and so the techniques given can’t be checked with an authorized Kriya Master. Yet now I am able to contact and visit Guruji and discuss my difficulties if I have any.

There were many benefits that I saw in learning the original Kriya Yoga. For example, I know that certain very important parts have been dropped in the technique that (the Kriya organisation) gives, Khechari Mudra being one of them. Yet achieving this has been one of the most beautiful “events” in my life. This very loving and powerful mudra is with me always now, helping to bring great fortune and beauty into my life. This Guru-Powered original Kriya is the real deal.

After the first meeting with Guruji I was left in a state of awe. Initiation brought such Grace into my life. And over those first two weeks in Varanasi there was true magic in the air. The Guru/disciple relationship has brought such a deep bond of Love, unaffected by time and distance.

I know (my previous Kriya master) would (and did) seek with all his heart and Soul a true living Guru. If you are ready and ripe to practise Kriya morning and night with all your determination and Love, then you are ready for a true living Guru…come and share the joy and Love received under the shelter of our Guruji.

Om! Shanti!

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