Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (5)

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Question: I have been with my guru / organisation for a long time and am afraid of the consequences of leaving. What will I do if I leave the Kriya community that I live in? I have been taught that if I leave I will suffer dire consequences in this or my next life and will no longer be under the protection of the Sadguru.

Answer: I have said that a person will find a Guru according to their nature. Whether you trust and believe or not is because of unstable mind. One minute faith may come, but in the next moment it can also disappear. Only you can decide whether you want to live in a community or not. It depends on what you want. If Kriya has been changed and becomes like a church with group meditations, and initiation is given by ministers and so on, we can see that this is following a Western pattern. People made up their own beliefs and they started to publicise them in various ways, but they were never true to the principles. Lahiri Mahasaya did not want ashrams or organisations, and this is not his path.

In ancient India, there was nothing like that, nor will there be in the present or the future. Original Kriya is not based on ministers. There are some reasons why full spiritual development has always come in India.

We have to concentrate on its root and understand the source where something has come from. And then spirituality will be developed.

If you chant the name of God, “Bhagvan, Bhagvan”, all day, you will not realise God. In the same way, if you chant “water, water”, it does not mean that your thirst will be quenched. That is why it is also important to do correct practice.

It may be that you have been taught a certain way and have been doing a certain practice such as Hong Sau and understood it was actual Kriya practice, Dhyana, or meditation, but it was not meditation at all. Because of unstable mind you have believed something and received a practice, and are continuing. When someone has practised what they have been taught for many years, even if it is false, it is hard to let go of it because it is like they were brainwashed that this was the right way. You will say, “I was taught this way by my Guru and he gave me this work to do even if it was not the original Kriya Yoga,” and perhaps you believe that it must be sufficient for self-realisation. But it is not sufficient. Only when you reach the higher stages of Kriya Yoga will you be able to understand the workings of your imagination and tricks of the mind.