Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (6)

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Question: When you have initiated Kriya to someone who had a Guru previously, are you their Guru from then on?

Answer: Yes.

The Masters’ Blessing and Guidance
I was a follower of (my previous Kriya master) and a member of a Kriya organisation for twenty years and I still consider myself as a devotee of (my previous Kriya master) and the Gurus of the Kriya line, now including Guruji.

I was happy on this path whilst I was on it but then I felt guided to take initiation from Guruji. For many years I had no longer been an active member of any Kriya organisation but was “on my own” with (my previous Kriya master), so to speak, and I felt he was guiding me to a living Master. I felt I needed some kind of “tangible” support on my spiritual path and an opportunity to renew and to deepen my commitment.

With the Kriya practice I had been given by the organisation, I practised twice a day faithfully as I was told and even though I didn’t have any outstanding spiritual experiences during my meditation practice, I saw big, positive changes in my life and I always felt the Master’s blessings and guidance.

I think that on a subtle level I was making progress. I wasn’t looking for results. I was just following my heart. I did and do my spiritual practices as an offering to God and Guru.

I heard about Guruji through an old friend (a fellow devotee) and the book Footsteps to Freedom. I didn’t feel part of an organisation so I there was no conflict on that level for me. My only “conflict” was how to reconcile “Guruji crossing my path” (and the guidance I felt to meet him and receive initiation) with my dedication to (my previous Kriya master’s) techniques. So I waited, prayed, asked inwardly for guidance and meditated on this for a long time. I took all the time I needed to find clarity in my heart and mind.

(to be continued…) Name withheld