Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (7)

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Question: Are you criticising other Kriya masters?

Answer: I have already stated that there is no question of criticism. It is my duty to speak the truth about certain facts. If you have no courage to listen to the truth, then you will immediately say that this is a criticism.

Most people believe everything in certain books that they have read, and the basis of everything they know is from them.

Also, it is human nature that where there is mass belief, there is an assumption that the mass belief is true, even if that belief is flawed or untrue. The world has seen this in history many times. If you consider what can happen in politics when charismatic leaders make publicity and propaganda, you can realise that human beings can create even mass destruction through such means. Sheep will follow sheep when there is a convincing leader and publicity or some cause. This is something that people create, they spread stories and build organisations with many employees and they know how to attract many people.

The problem with organisations is that sometimes they cease to operate in the interest of the individual, and the only thing that matters becomes the welfare of the organisation itself.

The Masters’ Blessing and Guidance
I honestly have to say that a part of me actually wasn’t even keen to receive initiation, knowing that the original Kriya technique is even more complex and requires even more time and discipline that the one I was already practising. However, I felt guided to ask for initiation and when I went to Guruji, I went with (my previous Kriya master’s) blessings and presence in my heart. After meeting Guruji and taking initiation, I felt blessings and gratitude.

My desire in wanting the original Kriya Yoga was to deepen my practice and my commitment to the Kriya Masters.

I would offer the following advice to others who are in the process of applying for initiation from Guruji and who are coming from other organisations:

First of all, be really honest with yourself and very clear why you want initiation into the original Kriya technique from Guruji. It is not easy to do the authentic technique: it takes a lot of energy, time, regularity, willpower, discipline and perseverance. You have to be ready for this.

I think there could be doubts and fears if you want the initiation for the wrong reasons or if you don’t trust that the right thing will happen for you. Either way (whether we receive initiation now or later or not at all), I’m convinced that we’ll continue to come closer to God by faithfully practising what is given to us. So pray, ask for guidance and wait until you find peace in your heart and then trust. I’m also convinced that if you receive initiation and you are not at peace in your heart with your decision you might not have the faith, strength or perseverance to continue with the practice when you are faced with challenges in regards to your sadhana or to the techniques.

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