Guruji Answers Frequently Asked Questions (9)

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Question: I need to know the truth about my previous Kriya master – was he a Sadguru or not? I can only see that I have two gurus – what can I do?

Answer: Lahiri Mahasaya is Sadguru. Remember him. And also, remember the person who has initiated Kriya to you, who is alive. Surrender your mind to the feet of your Guru and do practice always. If you spend all your time thinking useless thoughts about who is big and who is small, you will not be able to do good Kriya practice.

So don’t compare. Remember that what you have heard is not from your personal experience, it is second-hand knowledge. Realise the importance of having a Guru who is alive, for he is guiding you. Do Kriya under his guidance, and do the practice that he has given you exactly. That is more than sufficient. Then it will be a true path for you.

Some people, including teachers of Kriya in the past and also in the present, have power of attraction, and people are always very happy with them. We can have respect for all. We can give regards and love to them also. But you have to ask yourself most importantly – how many different practices can I do?

There when you need him, not necessarily when you want him!
I found that there were several benefits of learning the original Kriya Yoga. That firstly, to be guided by a Guru is invaluable. You get answers to your questions: specific answers that make sense. Guruji teaches from within, from realization. Guruji experiences what others are trying to interpret. After meeting Guruji I felt a certain relief and excitement. I felt that my search had finally come to an end. Secondly, the Kriya Yoga given by Guruji is very precise in terms of sequence, amount and timing. It has a certain very natural flow to it. So it is easy to follow it in a sense that it is very well-defined.

And if you run into a problem Guruji will help to correct it, even if he is not close by. Here is a small illustration: shortly after initiation, Guruji told me to get a stopwatch, to make sure I would get the timing right. I went to a shop in Varanasi, bought a stopwatch, and used it till the battery ran out. I returned home and somehow did not manage to replace the battery. So I practised for weeks without the stopwatch. During that time I called Guruji to ask some questions and share my initial struggles. At the end of the conversation (as usual) I asked him for some advice, and in his usual mild tone he said, “If you use the stopwatch, it would be very nice.”

I felt completely in shock. How did he know about the stopwatch? The same day I went to a store and got my stopwatch fixed.

Something that I think that others coming from an organisation have to understand is that with Guruji there is no organisation, no hierarchy, no branches, etc. There is the Guru and his disciples. The Guru might be very far away, and not always physically accessible. So you have to learn to be patient and trusting: Guruji will be there for you when he knows you need him, but not necessarily when you want him. Anyway, so long as you are practising Kriya, everything seems to fall into place just right.

I. Liubovich