This week, I came across this ‘poem’ again which was passed on to me by a fellow disciple of Guruji a few years ago. They were words that he spoke to her and she wrote down everything that she remembered as soon as she could get hold of pen and paper, because it had been so beautiful. (Many thanks, Kaye, for writing down and sharing this poetic gem for everyone’s benefit!)


There are two things you need to know
There is physical [Guruji], and there is spiritual,
Physical is one thing, but spiritual is another
All thoughts, this is ‘mine’ (‘I’, ‘ego’)
YOU are pure
I am in YOU
There is no difference between you and me;
We are the same
Only mind is different.
When mind is distracted –
Surrender it to me.
Forgive always. Always forgive.
Keep balance
Feel no anger, no tension
Always feel love
I am always giving you my blessings
If you become aware of working too much, stop.
Go deeper and deeper
Feel peace throughout the day
I know you are making an effort
But I want it to be effortless
Only Guru; nothing else.
Search for me in you
Become more and more aware
Through Guru, find Atman, find peace,
This is more than love
This is much higher.

Yogi Prakash Shankar “Guruji” Vyas, Jan 2007