CD1 Track 3: Why is the Guru important in Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga is based on Guru and disciple – parampara. This means, the Guru is caring for his disciples. The Guru is guiding disciples, and the disciples are practising Kriya Yoga, and the Guru’s duty is to see whether they are practising correctly or not, because if the disciple is doing something wrong in the technique, they may not get good results.

So this is the duty for the Guru to guide his disciples. It is not a question of control – he is not controlling his disciples or putting any pressure on them. But he is teaching how your mind is influencing you, and showing how you can be free from that influence, so that you can get full liberation.

The Guru always wants his disciples to practise, so that they can understand, so that they can realise Soul for themselves, because we have to search, we have to know the importance of our life. We have to find out what is the purpose of our life; we have to learn to balance what is positive, and what is negative. There has to be a reason for everything. We have to try to understand and learn from the hidden messages in nature. Search for the hidden qualities of your life.

Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas (Guruji)