CD1 Track 5: What can a Disciple expect from a Kriya Yoga Master?

If the disciple understands what Guru is, and understands the purpose of practice, there will be no expectation and everything is given. Guru is the one who will guide the disciple from darkness into the light.

Don’t pressurise Guru. Don’t try to test him or make any useless demands of him. We have to consider that Guru can understand what will be best for me.

There are many people who honour and respect and show that they are surrendered – but it is a show, and actually it is not genuine. They are offering money and afterwards expecting something from Guru – they have a desire. And if the Guru fulfils their desire, they will be very happy. If the desire is not fulfilled, they start to criticize. People think that the Guru has to work according to their desire. The problem is that there is not only one desire. Once one desire has been fulfilled, that is never sufficient. After that, many more desires will come and that is when people put pressure on Guru.

They also think that if you are a true Guru, then why do I have to face my karma? Krishna preaches to his disciple in the Bhagavad Gita that, “Nothing is beyond Me; everything (is) within Me; I know everything – but despite that I am doing my karma.” Karma is very important; you cannot stop your work.

So don’t expect things, don’t make yourself sad or frustrated. Whatever you get, try to accept it heartily. Live in the present, take your responsibilities and be happy. Go near to God without any desire.

Many times people are listening, but the next moment they are forgetting. So don’t forget – remember Guru – remember what I have said to you. If you have a Guru, he is not there to solve your physical problems. He is not there to answer questions about your previous life, or to tell what your life will be in the future – what you will be doing and what will be best for you. You may pray to him to give you something in order to fulfil your wishes, but that is not what he is there for. If Guru gives the disciple something from his side, then it will be for the disciple’s progress on the spiritual path. This is different. But it is not for the disciple to expect or demand.

Most people are sitting in their boat and are rowing even though the boat is still tied to the shore. In the same way, our desires are always tying our minds down. But if we first open the knot of the rope and then we row, then after we can cross the river.
You came close to Guru, because you wanted to realise Truth. If you are remembering Me any time during the day or night – anytime – you can find Me. That is best.

Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas (Guruji)