CD1 Track 6: What is Surrender?

You are believing that God is omnipresent and omnipotent. But it is more important how much you are in God. How much time you spend in kutastha, your eyebrow centre; how much time you are spending in practice; how much you are thinking about your pure Self.

We need a Guru for our spiritual progress. After choosing a Guru, we have to think what we can give in return. And then sometimes we feel that we have to ignore this thought because there is a worry about what might happen if I have a guru. This is a fear of man.

In India, when we do worship or puja, we are offering fruits and sweets to God. And afterwards we are receiving these fruits and sweets. So the thing is we have to surrender. When we have surrendered, there is no question of any expectation. What comes after, when it is good or bad, we have to accept it readily.

There is one example in the story of King Janak. He was the father of Sita, and he received initiation from his Guru Ashtabak. And then he said to him, “Oh my Guruji, I am offering you ten thousand cows and horses, everything to you, it is all for you.”

His Guru replied, “Where will I keep all these things? I am a simple Yogi; I have no place for them.

So King Janak said, “I will give you all the treasures of the kingdom.”

Again, his Guru rejected this. So the King offered his crown and his throne too, but his Guru also rejected these as offerings and he said,

“No, these are your subjects and this is your responsibility, you have to look after it.”

So King Janak was perplexed and was thinking, “What can I give to my Guru?” Finally he realised that he could give his mind; that he would always think of his Guruji. So he gave his mind to his Guru who was very happy and accepted this as his offering and blessed him.

Some Gurus are doing a materialistic exchange. They are taking some problems, making things happen in your life and taking money for that. But the thing is: it is the materialistic desires that are conditioning you and keeping you tied to the shore. So the true Guru wants to make you free from those. He wants you to be happy. He wants to take away the material desires and give you spirituality in exchange that will decondition your mind.

So this is a message: that if you are giving mind to your Guru, you are giving everything. If you are not giving mind to your Guru and you are offering all the things, just showing off how wealthy you are or how much you are surrendered and have respect – that has not so much meaning.

Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas (Guruji)