CD2 Track 4: What are the Benefits of Meditation?

There are many benefits of meditation. It is always beneficial when you are quiet and peaceful. You will be satisfied and happy with yourself. You will have plenty of confidence. You will become more open-minded. The decisions you take in your life will be good. You will have lots of positive energy in you, and then you can also help others. Most of the time we are caught up in negativity and wasting our time in useless distractions, so it is better to concentrate and meditate in our life.

Earlier I mentioned how we can develop our concentration through meditation, which is important in every aspect of our daily life. If we go out for a walk and are not concentrating, we can have an accident. If a mother cooks without concentration, then the food will be spoiled. If you are a student and your mind is not on the subject, then you will not get success in that subject. If we can learn to focus our minds, we will understand our subject and pass our examination. Every human being is using their mind from morning to evening. And for success in any field we need concentration.

In the past, people had very specific work to do and it was not so hard to get employment and our necessities and desires were limited – but I can say that in the present day meditation is more important for people than ever, because in this modern age people are faced with new and different problems. In this materialistic world we have too many desires, and attractions; we are faced with new products, new subjects, inventions and jobs all the time. There is more competition than ever to find employment.

And so if our mind is not balanced and calm, we cannot decide what we want, nor can we do anything properly. We have many questions in mind, but when we are meditating, we find that the answers we need come from inside. And that is why meditation is always useful for us.

When Buddha was enlightened, people asked him what he had realised. He was very quiet and didn’t answer. Again and again, people asked him, “What did you realise? What is the meaning of enlightenment?”

One day he broke his silence and said, “What I realised, that is not from your world, it is beyond your reach. If I am going to define what is the meaning of death, how will you understand? This is something that you have to experience in order to understand. But still everyone said, “No, tell us – we can understand.”

So Buddha said, “The reason you are so restless, why you are suffering, this is because you have a pain inside, and this pain is creating a disturbance. The moment that you are enlightened, your pain and suffering will disappear”.

One day we all have to get stability of mind. The moment your peace comes you will have no questions and no answers, no struggle, no fight, no war inside. These arise because of your restless mind and your irregular breath.

When breath will cease and you are able to go into Samadhi, mind will cease, and be very calm, and it will be dissolved in your pure Self, and that is enlightenment. At that time there will be no pain or suffering, only ecstasy and happiness and peace. You can realise Truth. And harmony will be established.

Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas (Guruji)