CD2 Track 5: What is Ego?

Some people feel some fear of meditation. It is very strange. Some people imagine that they will lose their personality and are afraid of what might happen. Some people are worried that their friends and family will think they are crazy. Others think that they will have to change their lifestyle, or get a different job, stop eating meat, having sex, drinking and smoking. People imagine that the enjoyment and fun in their life will be less or finish altogether. But there is nothing like that. When we are very peaceful through meditation, we can become happier and enjoy life far more. Those who meditate not only benefit themselves, but they also benefit society.

We have to understand where this kind of fear and doubt comes from. Usually people with these fears are not clear about meditation. This is because of ego. Ego is a cause of everything. It is like a thin curtain over mind – it is the cause of illusion. When a magician performs tricks, we watch him turn a pen into a beautiful flower. The magician is not affected by the trick at all, but the audience is impressed and drawn into the illusion. When we go to the cinema, we are so involved with the film that we relate to the characters and feel great emotion. We forget that they are actors on the screen and that we are watching a story. So in the same way ego plays a big role in our life and is the cause of many troubles in our life.

There are three kinds of ego, dynamic, active and static. When we do meditation, in time the active and static attributes are suppressed. Useless enjoyment and desires are destroyed and bad habits which are damaging our body go by themselves. If we are ruled by our senses then we are slaves, we are not free. If we do not try to make mind more constant then what is the meaning for our life?

When we are practising pranayama meditation, it is like an internal washing or cleansing, through which we can lose our doubts and fears. We can wash our physical bodies with soap and water, but we need pranayama and meditation in order to cleanse our inner selves. Meditation is a natural process, we follow a method. So only with breath you can purify your karma, and your mind for meditation. Dynamic ego is mind that has been purified.

If you are deconditioned you can settle in truth, because this will become your nature. And in a practical way, slowly through experience in meditation we can understand that mind can become empty of thoughts; it will get tranquillity.

Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas (Guruji)