CD2 Track 7: Do You Have any Practical Advice for Beginners?

First, follow Truth and act according to your highest sense of right.

For new practitioners who want to meditate, a few things are important:

The first thing is to establish discipline in your life, and have a regular routine, so that you can do everything easily once you get into the habit to sit for practice.

It is best to fix a time that is suitable for you, morning and evening.

The place where you meditate should be calm and peaceful, and make the room dark.

In the morning, go to the toilet before you start. In the evening, wait three hours after eating before doing any sort of Hatha Yoga or Pranayama practice. With these, it is always important to practise with an empty stomach, because if you are full, it is hard to breathe, and can be harmful for the body also. When you finish your practice, you should wait for half an hour before you eat or drink again.

Try to sit cross-legged – you can use a cushion if you need to. Slowly improvement will come in sitting until you can sit for a longer time in the same position.

The very first practice is very simple; anyone can do it. It can be done at any time of the day, with full or empty stomach, in sitting position and lying down too. First of all, concentrate on your breath and watch the air as it enters and leaves your nostrils. When mind wanders, bring it back again. Just focus on your breath.

In time, if you do regular practise you can begin to analyse and understand what is your breath, what is your mind, and how they are linked together, how it is hard to separate them.

And if you go further you will get more guidance in your life, you will get more peace in your life, and you will feel that you want to go on.

When you are thinking more about meditation you can learn some pranayama. In pranayama we start to control our breath and purify the mind. Pranayama should be learned from a teacher or master.

Your mind will be happy, and you will find more enjoyment. You will start to let go of any bad habits you may have. Definitely you try it. No one can become perfect in one day but regular practice makes you perfect. And one day you will understand the truth in what I have said.

Jai Babaji Bare Baba

Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas (Guruji)