In Conclusion: Guruji’s Statement (21)

Guruji Garden

  1. I want all the mental illusions to be cleared through the Kriya Yoga path.
  2. Kriya Yoga transforms your body which brings complete perfection and also harmony into your life.
  3. In this Kriya Yoga, there is no need for any faith. There is no religious blindness. There is no friction between religious systems.
  4. Aim to understand the science of Kriya Yoga and the cause of our pain and suffering, and excitement too. Through Kriya Yoga you will be free from those things. Excitement is a catalytic agent for the mind. It is not good because when that catalytic agent is in your mind it will never balance. It will always want more.
  5. Many people are claiming supremacy in Kriya Yoga. They create and run organisations and want to control people’s minds. They have collected large groups of people – but the truth is missing in that. With all these things, you cannot realise Absolute Truth.
  6. The need to always seek reassurance is not important in Kriya Yoga. Sensational stories and imaginary events will only ever make you lose your way in this path. They are not helpful. It is very natural, on the other hand, that when someone is ready and prepared for Kriya, that there is no need for these.
  7. My ideal is that people will truly love one another. I want peace to be established in people’s minds. My principle is high thinking and simple living. In universal love there is no animosity or blind faith. If I speak the truth, it is because I want to destroy false beliefs.
  8. There are many organisations, and particular individuals. They talk about Kriya Yoga and claim to teach it but they are doing something else. They compare themselves to others by saying they are bigger and better. There is no competition or comparison. Wood will always be wood and glass will always be glass. Although some people say this, their actions show that they believe the very opposite.
  9. Kriya Yoga is not based only on being a member of a family lineage. That is why after my Guruji, Satya Charan Lahiriji, he authorised disciples outside of the family. However, in this sadhana, actual sadhana is important. No one will be able to realise truth from someone who is misguiding them.
  10. There are many different types of blindness. Our minds are very rigid and attached to tradition. On the question of the Kriya organisations, I want to make you free from their dictatorship and othodox belief systems, and give you clarity instead of blind faith. My duty is to give you the truth, and correct information. This is my aim. And when you redirect your mind from the external to that place within you, your mind will get peace and stability.