Little Fish


Little Fish

Hey, little fish
As I’m dreaming
Swim as fast as you can to the ocean
For the way that you search for is chosen
And the power you need is behind you
Guiding you and my dreaming

Leaving all to find your soul
You promised not to close your eyes
Till you see the light of pure white skies
If I saw you in a net
Little fish I hope I’d be
The one to set you free
Cos I would be free of my dreaming
Knowing how I, Knowing how I do

Hey, little fish
You have nothing
Least of all an idea of your journey
But the river is steady and flowing
And some voices are whispering follow
Guiding you and my dreaming

Hey, little fish
Keep on breathing
Find the source of your life before dying
Don’t give up till you know why you’re swimming
In the mysteries surrounding the waters
Guiding you and my dreaming

©Heidi Johnson 1996


I wrote “Little Fish” during the second year that I was in India learning yoga with Guruji; it was one of those songs very much inspired by Kriya meditation and a deep desire to stay faithful to this path.

To me it’s a song of great hope and faith, and trust in the potential we all have inside us to find the Truth, or light inside ourselves through yoga, and the power of Soul within to help us through the “net” (or obstacles, which have been the theme of these blogs lately) which we face along the way.