Love and Relationships

Love and Hate

This subject has been covered to some extent in my book “Footsteps to Freedom”, but here are a few of Guruji’s more recent words on love and relationships:

“Sometimes people want to know if they should think of marriage or not. Maybe they have had difficult experiences in the past. They ask me, “What is the nature of fear?”

“Fear is the absence of love. When you go deeper, you will understand.

“When girlfriend and boyfriend live together and have sexual relations, they often live with fear, especially in Western society; for example, they fear that the partner will leave the relationship. In marriage, this fear can disappear. You will relax when there is true commitment, in a secure relationship. This is one of the big advantages of marriage.

“Love is a creative energy. Fear is destructive, negative energy. One problem is that generally, we have conditional love.

“So when you love, don’t think that you are doing something for others. When you love, think that you are doing something for yourself, to come out of that fear.

“Love is Light. Fear is darkness. But to fight the darkness is useless. When you truly love, fear will disappear automatically.”

A few weeks after Guruji had first spoken about love and hate being two sides of the same coin, (see last week’s blog) someone asked for a further explanation, for the concept seemed illogical to them.

Guruji explained that we are taught to love our neighbour. But since love and hate are two sides of the same coin, we can notice in our lives that when love is there, hate is also present; and the problem is that we don’t know how to develop more love.

“One love is conditional, and the other is unconditional,” Guruji said. “The masters said ‘God is Love’ and ‘Love is God’ because they realised that unconditional state. But this is only possible through practice.

“The ordinary person cannot alter that state where love and hate are two sides of the same coin. You know what it is to have a loving feeling, but be aware that hate is not removed – it is hiding from you. When everything is going well, you are happy. But when someone does something wrong in your eyes, you react with hate and anger.

“So do Kriya practice; carry on. This is the way to remove hate from you, until you find that unconditional love. At that time, you will become Love itself, and you will understand.”