Lyrics & Music Diary: Prayer



Thy Will be done
Insha’Allah, Shalom
Om shanti shanti shanti Om
Thy Kingdom come
Insha’Allah, Shalom
Om shanti shanti shanti Om

Blood is shed
In the name of religion
Caught in the fight
Fear and hate
Ignorant conflict
What would Jesus and the prophets say
Wise hearts pray

Love Thy Will be Done…

We must care
For one another
Bridge the gap
Of colour, race and creed
We are one
And love is all we need
To heal this crying world
To heal this crying world

Love Thy Will be Done…

©Heidi Wyder 2009

Music Diary:

This song was inspired by Guruji’s words when he said one day: “People have often misunderstood the stories told by the spiritual masters. The masters speak the Truth; they know when they have to say something for the benefit of people. At the same time, not everyone will like your idea, and there is no doubt, they will also abuse you. The problem is that in society, and throughout the ages, these stories have been repeated in the one-dimensional, blind way in which they have been understood.” We went on to talk about religion, and how it had been misused in the name of war. As a result of the conversation, an idea for a new song began to form in my mind that would symbolically (and perhaps ironically) unite four of the major world religions through a chorus created from each of their own prayers of love and peace.

Guruji has spoken quite a lot about Religion and World Peace lately, so these are likely to be themes for the blog next term.