Divine Romance

Athol Guy and Heidi July 2010
Athol Guy and Heidi
July 2010

When Guruji suggested that should try my hand at writing devotional songs with more commercial appeal in January 2009, I couldn’t wait to get started, and soon had a mix of songs carrying universal spiritual messages about Love, Life and the inner search for Soul.

Six months later I was put in touch with Athol Guy, (Australia’s 60’s and 70’s pop icon and founder of The Seekers). Athol listened to my songs, and encouraged me to do a ‘pre-production’ with Adam Johnstone of Sound Vault Records. I am extremely grateful to Athol for his time and support as a mentor. I also can’t thank Adam enough for working his magic as a producer in turning Divine Romance into a fully mastered CD in its own right.


Divine RomanceGenre: pop / folk / inspirational
Lyrics and music © Heidi Wyder 2010

Recorded in Australia by Adam Johnstone of Sound Vault Records.
Produced by Adam Johnstone & Heidi Wyder

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What people are saying about Divine Romance

“In Heidi’s voice there’s purity, clarity and love. The lyrics of this new album carry a profound message, speaking to the soul and expressing inspired joy for her spiritual teacher “Guruji”. Calming, yet uplifting tones help us to connect with our own inner peace, beautifully illustrated in track 4, where the frequent word “shanti” translates as “peace”. Heidi’s gift as an artist is the ability to transport people into the realm of heart and spirit through music. The subtle instrumentation on tracks six and nine enhance the listening experience, while rich melodies from flute add a delightful element. This CD is like a good friend that can be called upon anytime for nurturing, inspiration and fresh clarity. Be ready to be transported on an enchanting journey with the serene music of ‘Divine Romance’.”L. Hopkins