India Dreaming

India DreamingIndia Dreaming is a compilation of the songs which I first published at the end of each chapter of my book Footsteps to Freedom. Most of them were written in India soon after meeting “Guruji” (Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas) and starting to practice yoga and meditation, hence the title, and the reason why we infused a few of the tracks with an Indian vibe using sitar and tabla. Guruji even introduces a few of the tracks on the album!

Genre: pop / folk / world
Lyrics and music © Heidi Wyder 2007
Recorded & Produced by Earthdance Productions, UK

What people are saying about India Dreaming

“This is indeed an inspirational CD. Heidi’s clarity of voice is uplifting and the simplicity of the music reaches my inner being and lifts me both spiritually and mentally. Guruji’s spoken words on the CD bring yet another dimension to the music. Beautiful.”J. Clarke


“This is such a beautiful CD, a spiritual journey through song. Each song is also at the end of every chapter in Footsteps to Freedom and together they tell a wonderful story that anyone on a spiritual journey can resonate with. Heidi sings beautifully with real devotion and love. Very inspiring!”P. Kaul


“The peace and love in “Guruji’s” voice on India Dreaming makes you want to be right there beside him. I love India Dreaming – Heidi’s voice is angelic and it’s a gift to listen, and the whole atmosphere of the CD sends high vibrations and love. I was touched by the true feelings; you can tell it comes right from Heidi’s spirit.” J. Strohl


“I first read the lyrics to ‘Little Fish’ in Heidi’s book Footsteps to Freedom, and they pierced my heart. To now be able to listen to the music, in the form of India Dreaming, is a gift. Heidi has a truly angelic voice and her words have such insight and meaning. I love it.”
K. Taylor


‘Enchanting, magical and spiritual’ are words that come to mind which describe this CD in a nutshell. India dreaming is a beautiful and powerful expression of the ‘heart and its essence’ felt through music. Wyder has a clear, fresh, angel-like voice and her poetic lyrics have a positive, uplifting message. This CD breathes a continuous sense of harmony and peace, being musical food for the soul.”
L. Hopkins