On Reluctance to Practice

The famous saint and poet, Tulsidas, who write the epic the Ramayana said:
“Tulsi, apne Ram kokhijbhajojarijh: Khetparen sab uperjiultesidhebij.”

Tulsidas, repeat the name of God willingly or unwillingly: all the seeds that fall into a field are bound to germinate whether they fall the right or the wrong side up.

Guruji explained this proverb in the light of Kriya Yoga after a yoga lesson one day.

‘Tulsidas was a devotee of Rama, and he was also a great yoga practitioner,’ he began. ‘He was saying that when it is time to chant the name of the Lord, “Ram, Ram, Ram”, sometimes a feeling of reluctance, or “why should I do this?” can be there. But despite this, he says, you still have to chant.

‘The same applies in Kriya Yoga. Sometimes we feel discouraged and think that we are not good practitioners.’ Guruji continued. ‘Obstacles come on the way and we think that we do not have good karma. We get irritated with practice, so we stop. But Tulsidas is saying that our duty as a practitioner is to do Kriya Yoga practice always, whether we are willing or unwilling, whether we are happy or sad. One day the seed will germinate and grow properly, and you can never know when that day will come. So your only duty is to carry on, and one day you will get success.

‘My Guruji (Sri Satya Charan Lahiri) was also saying that for the beginner practitioner, just like when you chew the outer leaves of the sugar cane, the taste is very bitter. But when you reach the root, it is very sweet. When you do proper mediation, you can feel so much satisfaction and relief in the form of peace; and silence will come. So it is important not to stop your journey.

‘Guru prepares the field. Guru is giving the seed too. But your duty is to look after the seed. If it does not fall in the right place, it cannot grow properly.

‘In Kriya, we are using a mantra, AUM. This is known as mahamantra, because there is nothing bigger than AUM. You may have wires, a switch and an electric bulb, but if you have no electricity there will be no light. In the same way, if you have a mantra like, Aum Nama Shivai and you only say Nama Shivai without the AUM, it will never work. It always has to come first, because it is a vibration that gives current and power.

‘In Kriya, we are chanting this mahamantra – these are the seeds we have to plant all the time. The seed is there, but if you are doing practice without the seed because mind is distracted, it is a waste of time. So your duty is to throw the seed correctly. Sometimes people feel they are not getting anywhere with some parts of Kriya practice, but it means you are not putting your mind in the right place. It is true that the way you are practising may sometimes be correct and sometimes incorrect, but still you have to carry on. Practise every day regardless of whether you do or don’t want to, and one day the seed will reach the right place and germinate. You will find reality and true devotion in your heart. So carry on. This is the message from Tulsidas.’