Religion and Prayer (Part One)

A Challenge to the Conditioned Mind

“It is my duty to tell you Truth,” Guruji began.

“In my view, there is no difference between prayer and meditation. But society repeats these words and creates a difference, and there is friction in people’s minds because of that. We tend to be happy with the thing which is easiest for us.

“Tell me, where is it written that a yogi cannot wear a T-shirt or jeans, or a shirt? Is it written anywhere? No? So there is no problem. The only problem is in the minds of other people. What we have learned in the past, what we say and what we expect causes us to think only in one direction.

“Naturally all the saints who have come to this world have told different things according to their own expression and way of speaking. They spoke according to the language, time and place in which they lived, and according to the people’s needs. This is often forgotten. But if we have an eye, we can see. We can feel. Buddha never wanted a temple. Neither did Lahiri Mahasaya.

“Meditation is no problem for a saint or yogi or holy person. It is only a problem for the limited mind.

“I say that where you sit, there is a god. I am talking about that state of consciousness which you can develop through meditation, and this is a question of experience and practice.


Religious wars

“Wars are fought between countries. They begin and they end. But the kind of war which exists because of religion never ends.

“Churches, temples and mosques turn people into slaves. If you want God, you have to go through a priest or a minister, or a set of religious doctrines. They say that God is not at home, that you can only find God through them. They elevate themselves and create a space between you and God. There is indoctrination, and people are fed set ideas and beliefs. You become a slave and you do what they want you to do; you think what they want you to think.

“If you tell others in society that you are meditating, many religious people will say, “He is against religion.” Or, “This is bad for our religion.” They punish and slay people for that. It has happened before and can still happen. They create friction, because they are interested only in a limited mind and can’t think of other dimensions. They are afraid. From my point of view, these very religious-minded people in the world are the biggest terrorists of all, because in extreme cases they are even taught to kill.

“In meditation there is no war. There is only peace. In meditation, you can’t do anything. If you move, it is no longer meditation. If you are in prayer that is true and deep, it will be the same.

King for a Season“I never want to make a slave of you. I am always telling you to open your eyes and meditate properly, nothing more. Meditate properly; and don’t change your colour like the jackal in the story I told you earlier.”