Religion and Prayer (Part Two)

Guruji’s talk continues from last week…


घट में है सूझत नहीं लानत ऐसी जींद |

तुलसी या संसार को भयो मोतियाबिंद ||

Ghat mein hai sujhat nahi lanat aisay jind.

Tulsi yaa sansaar ko Bhayo motiyabind


God is inside us, and we can’t see him, therefore this sort of living is cursed.
Sant Tulsi Sahab says this world has developed a cataract. – Tulsi Das.

Busy in Church

“Some people go to church or the temple for enjoyment – to see groups of people, what they are wearing, what they are eating, and what they are talking about. They go for social interaction, to feel good and to see where that god is. I have seen that people are very busy in church. And in the temple, the intellect is satisfied to see the image of the deity. Maybe you chant a mantra, but the mind is moving here and there – it cannot be called true prayer. Kabir said: “Mala to kerr mai phirai jeebh ferreh mukha mahi,” which means that the mala is moving in your hand while your tongue is moving in your mouth. In other words: mind is not stable; you are not constant in this kind of worship.

“When we go to church or the temple, we are taught some ready-made prayer. We are praising God, saying that we are sinners and so on, like a man to a woman saying, “You are so beautiful” and hoping to get her attention. In the same way it is as if we want to flatter God. We are in a relationship with God, and so we need a prayer or a formula to get in touch with Him: hoping that He will bless us, so we will get what we want! This is ego. Sometimes people ask me for a mantra, and it can be useful occasionally, but it is a form of hypnosis, and hypnosis is a big obstacle for your practice.

“Some Christians pray in front of a crucifix: but why? There is no need for that – God is not like that. And in Hinduism and Buddhism, perhaps you might see a devotee taking with a statue. It is an authorised form of prayer in society, so people won’t say you are crazy. They will see your worship and whisper, “He is talking to God – this is very good.” But how do you know if God is listening?

“On the other hand, isn’t it strange that if you talk to trees or plants, some people will say that you are mad? And yet trees and plants are more in nature – they are more alive than a statue of a god. They have their roots in the earth and they are reaching to the sky.”

When Dialogues Cease

“What I am saying is that you have to bring Love into your prayer. Prayer is good when there is surrender. Real prayer is never taught. It is a spontaneous phenomenon.

“If there is tension in your life, your prayers will not be fruitful. Prayer is very important in life – but where do we go to pray? We have a mind, and this mind can draw you inside and you can meditate at the eyebrow centre. If you meditate there it will be very useful. We forget to do this in our daily life.

“In meditation, dialogues always cease. The heart is full, and you cannot speak. This is what I mean when I say that prayer and meditation are the same. Prayer does not mean that you are saying something to God. It means listening to God.

“Kriya is blessing you. There is no need for any other blessing. You bless yourself,” Guruji said as he concluded his talk. “And through Kriya Yoga you can understand that this is puja, this is real prayer.”