Resisting Desires

A disciple asked Guruji,

“Before we get to the point of stabilising the chakras, we have many desires – we want to do things and to have things. As a Kriya practitioner, should I be trying to resist those desires?”

‘This is no problem,’ Guruji replied. ‘It is the reason why Bare Baba emphasised that we are not to become a sannyasin, or a renunciant. He was saying that it will come by itself. As householders we have many duties and we have to do many things. When we are born in this life we have to do things: to have a job and so on, so there are naturally also many desires.

‘My Guruji’s family sometimes ate fish but he himself (Sri Satya Charan Lahiri) was fully vegetarian. Nevertheless, he also went to bring fish for them. He knew that if you try to suppress your desires, they will get stronger and can get out of control.

‘If I put this kind of pressure on you, it would cause a reaction in you, and you would think it better to change your guru. Instead you have to become more and more aware in your own consciousness and realise what is good for you, by yourself.

‘When you go on a journey, you know your destination and plan how you will get there. You know that it is not enough just to imagine that place. And in the same way there is no reason to change your dress and pretend to be something that you are not. To become a sannyasin is to reach the point of having no desires.

‘So you have to live a normal life. But through Kriya practice, you are naturally achieving a higher state of consciousness, and slowly you can understand what you have to do and where you are going.’

The question about desires seems to follow quite naturally after last week’s story about Alexander the Great. And thinking about him again, it reminds me of how I also left once to ‘conquer’ the world with my camera, only to find that desire disappeared very soon after I was first introduced to Guruji!

To live close to Guruji was my heart’s greatest desire for many years, and remained an unspoken one since I imagined it to be impossible. The fact that events led Guruji from India to Australia – and then how we went from Switzerland and England to a place just around the corner from his house cum yoga studio in a matter of a few years, is undoubtedly the biggest miracle of my life.

The physical presence of the Guru is very special – needed from time to time by all disciples. But I’m sure these two ‘gems’ will mean a great deal to those who know about close connection to Guruji through Kriya practice, whether they live two minutes away from Him or the other side of the world:

If you are willing to meditate…
When you are meditating
You can cross that limit of time and distance.
This is the power of our mind – the healing power of our mind.
This is His Grace –
And so we have Everything.

-Guruji (Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas)-

I am always with you…

Those people who are doing Kriya practice
There is no distance problem.
He is with you all the time.
I have no need to talk on the phone.
When you are practising Kriya,
I am always with you.

-Guruji (Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas)-