The Four Ages

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Having blogged on a theme of ‘A World of Desire’ with reference to Kriya Yoga over the past term, and thinking about all the hype that we’ve heard about 2012 (not to mention all the films instilling a fear of disaster of apolitical proportions into millions of people), following on from last week’s “End of the World” story, this will be the last “Buddha in the Garden” post of 2011.

Guruji is sometimes asked about 2012 in the context of the four ‘ages’ or Yugas, and explains these in the light of yoga as follows:

Kali Yuga is the state of not doing Kriya Yoga. It is a state of only external and body involvement, of being far from Brahman, where there is no feeling for the absolute. Then Dwapar Yuga is the time to practise Kriya. Treta Yuga is the pre-transcendental state of mind when through Kriya Yoga, prana, mind, and the five sensory organs are becoming purified and focused towards God or Brahman. Finally, Satya Yuga is the transcendental state of mind through Kriya, when body, prana, mind and intellect are fully pure.’

Although Guruji is usually quite silent on the question of what is happening in the world, he has said that repercussions are only to be expected in one way or another due to the way in which mankind is treating the earth. However, he places the emphasis squarely on the importance of our personal meditation practice, and on always keeping the focus on the present moment.

Furthermore, Guruji said recently that when we have dreams or desires for the future, and our focus is not in the present, all that we are so eagerly searching for will evade us. Conversely, if we do keep our focus on the present moment, everything we need will come of its own accord. These are apt words to complete the last cycle of blog posts for this year.

I like it. Christmas is coming. And now we can all focus on The Present …!

On that note – wishing you peace and joy for Christmas and the holiday season –

With love and blessings for a Happy New Year!