The Pundit (Part Three)

The pundit finally found a true Guru and received a scientific meditation technique from him, having journeyed for many years as a renunciant. Although he meditated faithfully as his Guru had taught him for twenty years, there were no results as far as he could see. ‘I have meditated for so long!’ he cried one night. All my life I have searched for you, my God, searched for Truth! Send me a vision, give me a sign! I demand that you show yourself to me now!’ But his voice only echoed back at him in the silence, and God did not appear.

‘How foolish I am,’ he thought, suddenly remembering the thief who had given him a place to stay all those years ago. ‘Even though he returned every night empty-handed, he refused to give up. He never doubted that the night would come when he would get success. He showed such patience and dedication – even though all he was working for were worldly treasures and material possessions.’ ‘Look at me. I have shown nothing but impatience,’ he pondered wistfully. ‘And yet I am searching and meditating for unlimited treasure.’

A few years later, the pundit who had met a boy and a thief and a Guru, became self-realised.

“Today you have spent one hour doing yoga.” Guruji addressed the class after the yoga session had finished. “All day you are busy with work and doing things for others, but today you gave a little time for your Self. And during that time your mind was with your body, the movements, and your breath. Some thoughts were coming and disturbing you, but it was not so much, and you didn’t notice the clock ticking or the time passing. When you bring your awareness inside, you don’t notice what is happening on the outside. It’s the same when we sleep and dream – maybe we have a beautiful dream that we want to hold in our memory – and in the same way, when you go very deep inside, you will realise how beautiful this inner world is: the world of Pure Self.

“When you have some free time during the day, just sit and draw your mind inside. Concentrate on your breath like we did today, and be conscious of how you can enjoy that inner world. It will help your yoga practice, and slowly, your mind will be more prepared and tuned, so it will become easier to meditate.

“Today we were concentrating on the breath, counting inhalations and exhalations. Your breath tells you, ‘I am full now, I have to come out’, and you were following your breath and watching how it has to return also when you are empty. If you were concentrating properly, you could experience how your mind became very quiet and peaceful. When you are watching your breath going in and out with full concentration, there is no question in your mind.

“But usually we think like a businessman. In the material world, we are always looking for what we can gain. You pay your money and get something in return. If you pay for something and get nothing in return, you feel cheated. So often the mind works like this including during yoga practice, especially when we start meditation practice. Like a businessman or woman, we want to know exactly what we are gaining.

“‘This is one hour of my precious time that I am giving up for Yoga practice!’ we say. ‘What do I get in return?!’ “But when you do Yoga practice, you seem to get nothing in return. What is the result? It is so quiet: how strange! Definitely it is a bad deal for your business mind. And in this sense I hope it will be a big loss for you. Because most of the time you are only thinking about what you need, and what you expect to get from this in return. “Very few people are noticing that in this quiet space, peace; yes, peace is coming.”