There is Only One Kriya Yoga

Introduction by Yogacharya Prakash Shankar Vyas (Guruji)

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Many people are asking questions about the Kriya yoga organisations, certain Kriya teachers and so-called masters. Many facts have already been discussed in Footsteps to Freedom about original Kriya. And it is the reason why people from organisations who notice that they have been given a modified Kriya are coming to see me. More and more people are noticing the changes, and see that these organisations cannot fully explain the yoga science, and realise that their practice is limited.

But often they are in two minds about what they want. In some cases with disciples I have spent much time explaining, and later, I ask myself why I wasted my time – because it seems that some people are not ready to listen. They are interested in their own truth, and what they believe themselves, not the actual truth.

Who will Guruji initiate?
The majority of people who come to Guruji in order to ask for Kriya Yoga, whether or not they have been previously involved with a Kriya organisation or another guru, know through an inner feeling that there is nothing more valuable in the world for them than Kriya Yoga. Some receive Kriya within a short time and others have to prove themselves for a long time before they are given initiation.

It has also happened that Guruji has offered to initiate Kriya Yoga to someone and they have not accepted – either because of the promise and commitment involved, or because of a false fear regarding surrender to a Guru. I mentioned to Guruji that this seemed strange, when most people have to ‘jump through hoops’ to apply for initiation.

As far as Guruji is concerned, the matter is very simple. He has a duty to initiate those who are ready for Kriya Yoga at an auspicious time. It is in the Guru’s hands to make this decision, and it is he who recognises his disciples – even though sometimes the disciples have some false expectation that they should be able to “recognise” the Guru themselves.

Very occasionally, however, it happens that people meet Guruji through “chance” or some unforeseen circumstance. They are usually content with their lot and the path they find themselves on in life. They may have no burning inner desire for any life change. Yet, in rare cases Guruji offers initiation in Kriya Yoga to such people who have not formally applied to receive it, simply because their time has come. They may have a great deal of “previous knowledge” about yoga, or they may know very little. Such is the exception, and not the rule.