There is Only One Kriya Yoga

Introduction by Yogacharya Prakash Shankar Vyas (Guruji)

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My desire is that before and after initiation everything should be very clear. I have previously answered the most commonly asked questions on this subject and we will now share them for the benefit of a wider audience on the blog over the coming months.
Before I start I will ask you a few questions:

  • Are you ready to open your eyes?
  • Will you listen to the truth about the lineage?
  • Will you give honour to my words?

I ask this because I want to know that if I have given you Kriya, or if I will give you Kriya, that you are ready to be strong and single-minded in practice, and that you will stay with me.
I do not wish people to apply for initiation unless they are totally confident that they can clear any doubts or fears that they may have in their own minds. Therefore I have answered the questions on this topic that are often asked. You can then make an informed choice about the direction in which you want to proceed.

Waiting for initiation?
Guruji has said that these issues particularly need to be addressed, in order to ensure for the future that any doubts which may be in an applicant’s mind prior to initiation can be dealt with before the commitment is made. The new initiate needs to be very clear that they will have to be prepared to leave behind the previous relationship with their guru or Kriya organisation. If any doubts are present they may also surface post-initiation and, according to Guruji, will seriously hinder progress in the original Kriya Yoga path.

Already been initiated?
Post-initiation worries have been known to arise due to loyalty issues and a pull in two different directions, when a disciple is still clinging to teachings and beliefs propagated by past association with certain Kriya yoga organisations. It seems that in these cases, the new initiation can bring up feelings of doubt, disloyalty and confusion over what is true and what is not.