There is Only One Kriya Yoga

Introduction by Yogacharya Prakash Shankar Vyas (Guruji)

Guruji on Guru Purnima 2009

For self-realisation, it is necessary to have the guidance of a living Guru. Kriya is more than just a technique. The Guru-Disciple relationship is also important in order to grow on the spiritual path.

I am telling my disciples what is true. And my main message is that Kriya has been modified. Those who have come to me (for many years now) from different Kriya organisations have all been given an incomplete practice.

Those who have lived in a Kriya community need to be sure that they are ready to live independently in the world. I know that some people are worried about being on their own. It may feel easier in a community, with plenty of like-minded individuals and a less demanding practice, which is a modified one. But from the viewpoint of original Kriya Yoga, there is no result in this path.

We can worship any lineage, but if a living Guru initiates you and then you decide of your own accord to add something or change the practice, this is very wrong. It is counter-productive and not acceptable.

You have to decide on one path only. If you choose Kriya Yoga, you have to be ready to forget what you have done previously and think about the new practice only. In other words you have to be prepared to forget your past with that teacher or organisation – the relationship with the other Guru has to end.

This does not mean that you have wasted your time previously, or that you are starting again. You have to recognise that the Guru you had in the past has brought you to new place. Give thanks for that blessing. Think that a train that has brought you to a station but now you have to get off and board a new one. You are on a new platform, so you can welcome what the future will bring.

Gossip and rumour
It has occasionally happened in the past that people have said indignantly to Guruji, “Your disciple so-and-so told me that you said such-and-such about a certain Kriya teacher / Kriya organisation!”

The first thing to be said about such rumour and gossip is that it should be obvious that Guruji cannot be made responsible for any disciple’s words or actions. The second is that misunderstandings are a part of everyday human existence and can even occur between a Guru and his disciple. Therefore, in the interest of clarification, Guruji has chosen to express himself on this important topic by answering the main questions which he has been asked over the years on these issues in writing, for once and for all. This may keep us pretty busy on the blog for a while!!