There is Only One Kriya Yoga

Introduction by Yogacharya Prakash Shankar Vyas (Guruji)

Kriya Yoga lineage

Certain books on Kriya Yoga have greatly influenced what people accept to be true about the Kriya path. It was through books that Westerners came to know about Kriya Yoga, and it spread all over the world. People have trusted for many years that every story in those books is accurate – no one ever questioned any detail. We can say that what is good about the most popular of these books is that many people have come to know about Kriya Yoga. Some people say that certain teachers decided that the original technique was too difficult for Westerners, and that they were not ready for it. But they were not direct disciples of Lahiri Mahasaya. Therefore the method was modified, and the organisations are teaching their people that the changes are not important. Naturally, it appeals because it is easier.

Despite that, there has only ever been one Kriya Yoga. I would like to say clearly that if people were not ready for Lahiri Mahasaya’s Kriya Yoga during the first part of the twentieth century, they are definitely ready now. Otherwise there would be no need to speak on this matter.
Because of certain books, many people developed faith in one person only, and have learned that it did not matter if they were practising a modified Kriya yoga.

Naturally people are influenced by reading sensational stories and that is why other problems arise. For example, many people have some expectation that their first meeting with the Guru should happen in a kind of sensational way also. They think that the ability to recognise a Guru is in their hands. But it is not like that, or there would be no reason for them to need a Guru.

If anyone is willing to research the lineage of Bare Baba (Lahiri Mahasaya) and ask this family their searching questions, they will find different principles and a different practice which has remained unchanged over the years. It may contradict what they have been taught previously, and in that case they may not be happy. But the fact remains that in that Kriya, everything is very exact and there is an explanation of the purpose of each individual part of the practice. So if someone is interested in original Kriya Yoga, I will tell them that they have to go back to the family where Kriya Yoga came from. Remember the original lineage. Because my Guruji, Sri Satya Charan Lahiri also had no interest or desire to change anything. And then make up your own mind.

In the Bhagavad Gita it is written that even when someone is born in the family of a Yogi, nobody can become a Yogi without practice. This is also important to remember.

As a final word, I would like all my existing and future disciples to buy and to read the Spiritual Gita*. It is in three volumes and Lahiri Mahasaya has given his explanation of the Gita. There is a commentary by Sri Bupendra Nath Sanyal. You will be able to understand many things about what is happening in practice when you read it. It will be very helpful for you because it will clear many doubts and answer your questions also.