Why Are You Meditating?

Guruji Garden

A talk by Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas (Guruji)

‘I have found that some people have very strange beliefs:

‘Firstly, they think that if you are practising meditation, you must be stressed. These people cannot understand the benefit of trying to control the mind;

‘Secondly, that if you have a Guru, you have surrendered yourself; implying that you have given him your mind and therefore he is controlling you.

‘These people usually have no interest in God or spirituality. They think that such things are a waste of time. But let’s think for a moment about the first idea that if you are practising meditation you must be someone with a lot of stress in your life.

‘If this is true, then I have only one question to ask: If you are a practising Christian, does this mean that you are stressed? If you are a Muslim, are you stressed? If I have been a Hindu all my life, and my family for generations before me, does this mean that I am stressed?

‘The answer is obvious. Just as religion is a way of life for many people, so is meditation.

‘Many people do not stop to think about the meaning of life – to consider why we are here; to think that we are only here for a brief time and then we have to go. Who can answer the question, why we are dying? It is very difficult to answer, let alone think about! So these people do not want to think about the meaning of karma. They want to enjoy themselves.

‘If we are thinking about these things, we start to ask many questions. We want to understand what our purpose for being here is; we want to be happy and free.

‘So we need some guidance. But should I go to a Guru, or will he control me?!

‘Just imagine for a moment that you are sick. You go to the doctor and you tell him your problem. Once you have told him your problem, you already feel a little more relaxed, because he says there is medicine available for this, and he gives you a prescription. Or perhaps he refers to you a specialist, and then once more you feel even more relieved, because you know then that you are going to an expert who can definitely help you to get well again.

‘So if I go to a Guru, and I have some problems in my life that I am dealing with, in the same way, my mind is relaxed, because I have told him and asked for his help with how I can manage. If I pray to God and give him whatever is in my mind, in this same way, I become more relaxed and happy.

‘So meditation is a way of life, and the Guru is guiding me, showing me how I can cut through the bondage of my problems. I know how I am tied to my subconscious, and he is helping me to be free of that. He does not force me for anything, but he shows me the path so that I can be free.

‘We never question when we experience happiness and joy in our lives, yet when we are in pain and suffering, we want help, relief, and freedom from that. We can never accept it. And as a Guru, do I ever want to give you sadness or pain? No, never! I am showing the way to be happy and cheerful, and when you follow this path, you too can share that happiness, and your peace with others.

‘Why are small babies and children so attractive to us? Their innocence, their laughter and their play draws us in. They are happy. If they are scolded, five minutes later, they will bounce back and laugh again. But if someone says something to us (adults), we are immediately offended and remember the event with the memory of an elephant. We react with ego; children don’t.

‘Sri Goraknath ? said, “Haseeba, kareeba, kheleba” – which means “Laugh, do and play” – or to be less literal, “Laugh, perform your daily actions, and be joyful and carefree*.”

‘His meaning was that our aim is to have a happy life; we should laugh, we should play, and through our play we also learn many things; and we should practise meditation, because in doing that we are burning our karma. To become like a child in the sense of learning again how to be free of worries, free of problems. The child may cry but runs to mother or father – they will solve my problem, they will make me feel good again. The parent is to the child like God or Guru is to man: this is the place where I feel safe, where I can relax and let go of my problems.

‘All enlightened masters are talking about same things: how matter changes form but that energy is immortal. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Lahiri Mahsaya were all talking about that energy. Enlightenment is a title; but it means to reach to that conscious level where you understand who you are, and what you are, and where you came from and where you are going.

‘Sometimes I have to repeat myself, so that these things are very clear in your mind. I hope that this will help you to explain when other people are questioning you about your meditation practice, and want to know what you are doing.

‘This is my message for today. Thank you for listening.

‘Be happy and cheerful, and have good times in your life.’

* i.e. through yoga, detach yourself from worries and anxieties.