World Peace (Part One)

© Tom Thomas -

At the market, a man purchased a cow to provide milk for his family. He tied a rope around the horns of the cow and tried to pull it to his home. But the cow, being attached to her previous owner, refused to budge. Meanwhile, the man was sweating profusely.

A passer-by asked him, “What are you doing? This animal is much stronger than you and it wants to go back to its previous owner. But there is an easy way: take some grass from over there and hold it out in front of the cow as you walk. Don’t allow it to eat until you reach your home.”

Since the cow could not resist the sight and smell of the lush green grass, it forgot all about its previous owner. A short while later it found itself on the ground floor room of its new owner’s house, barely registering the click as the key turned in the lock.

“The grass in this story is analogous for religion,” Guruji said. “It is like a temptation, but it does not feed you. It locks you into one room. It controls your mind. It keeps you in an enclosed space until you are stuck in your thinking, and become set in your ways. It is hard to cross that barrier afterwards. I want to destroy your belief and establish the thing that is important for the human being.

“Many people say that they want world peace. Some people meditate in large groups for world peace. And yet most of these people are only focussed on the external world. They think that world peace is something that can be attained by external means. It is strange, because this will never happen.

“If we want to change the world, there is no other way but to change ourselves. If you pray in your own home and go very deep inside of yourself, you can find a vibration of peace. In that state you can also give peace to others. But if we are not balanced and peaceful on the inside, we cannot give peace to anybody else. If we are not helping ourselves, how can we help others? If twenty people go to a meeting about world peace yet do nothing to change their own inner world, there will be no change. Peace is always a personal matter. There is no external solution.

“It is possible that the vibration of a certain place can change when many people meditate or pray there. People can feel that a place of worship or prayer has a holy vibration, and think that this is because so many people have been there to pray.

“But actually, it does not matter how many people meditate, pray or worship in the same place. Nor does it matter to whom you address your prayers. Each individual goes deep inside of himself – and as a result of what is happening on a personal level, the vibration of the area can be affected.

“We see that there are churches, temples and mosques everywhere in this world. We would not have to make any personal effort if their existence alone could purify us – but this is never going to happen. The only way purification is possible is if you change yourself. In the same way, if you keep a Bible, the Koran or the Bhagavad Gita in your pocket, there will be no spiritual development unless you read and follow the scriptures.”