World Peace (Part Two)


Guruji’s talk continues from last week:

“Imagine that you are a clean and orderly person, but you live in a street where your neighbours throw down their garbage. If you always make the effort to clean up outside your own home and others follow your example, in time the whole street will become tidy. If you are eating only junk food, you will soon get problems. But if you then become health conscious, it is obvious that your health will be improved, not that of others. You have to make the effort for yourself.

“A professor in Japan, Masaru Emoto,* has done many studies to show how atoms in water change, according to the vibration or the intention directed at it. We can understand this on a personal level. If we tell someone that they are ugly or stupid, they will feel hurt. But if we tell them that they are very beautiful, they will feel happy. Words have a sense and meaning for us, not just in a literal sense but through the intention behind them. So we have to be clear too that if we want the atoms of the water to change, we have to change ourselves, or our intention. The water will never change of its own accord.

“So world peace is not achieved as a result of people simply talking about it. Of course it is nice if many people come together in one place to pray or meditate, but we have to understand that if there is a change in that place it is because of each and every individual making their own personal effort. The more people work for their own inner peace, the more we will see changes in the world peace situation.

“Buddha was self-realised but that was not sufficient to change people around him. He was teaching others because he wanted them to understand the meaning of enlightenment. So he gave a message to the people and told them to spread it. Jesus was also self-realised and gave a message to the people that they had to change their ways, to love one another, and believe in God. He told people to follow him.

“There is often a perception in society that when a saint or self-realised person is in the world, that there will be no more problems. People want to be healed and to have their materialistic demands met. But it will never happen that certain problems in the world or society will be solved and everything will change because one person is self-realised. There is good and bad everywhere.

“It has been seen many times that people change for the better when they meet a Guru or a saint. The reason they change is because there is instability of mind, and when they come close to a holy person, they feel that peaceful vibration on a subconscious level and it touches them. The peace that they experience is temporary; but through listening and learning to a spiritual master, people can understand that there is a path to inner peace. Slowly, they will be able to understand that this person is self-realised.

“But there is nothing automatic about self-realisation – or peace. It does not come by itself. First the Guru has to teach, then the student can begin the journey to find inner peace if they choose to practise yoga for themselves. Sometimes the disciple can even understand through practice that the Guru is guiding them; that they can also become self-realised. Without proper guidance, it is very difficult to know the way of purification and peace.

“So I mean to say that world peace is a strange thing to speak about unless we are willing to be in touch with our own inner world and develop ourselves – since inner change is only possible through personal practice and will always be an individual matter.

“And that is why Kriya Yoga is always practised in silence behind closed doors.”

*Masuru Emoto’s website is at